About Company

About Company

About Company

«A&N International Ltd.», founded in 1996, provides legal, management, customs and consulting services in the field of international transport and logistics activities.

«A&N International Ltd.» delivers a complete range of services in the field of international and domestic freight traffic; provides consultancy and practical assistance to its clients in solving problems and achieving their goals. We work with all modes of transport. We have gained extensive experience in the sphere of transportation and customs clearance. For a long time, we have been maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with many logistics and transportation companies around the world. The individual approach and professionalism enable us with confidence to solve problems and meet expectations of our clients.

All information provided as part of the work is used only by our employees and exclusively for the execution of the orders. We provide comprehensive services, guaranteeing the fulfillment of all our obligations.

We have found advantages in building permanent not one time business relationships. We are honored to be recommended to multiple friends and partners.

Current staff of our company includes professionals with top qualifications and rich practical experience. The client is not involved into the logistics process. All needed is to contact our specialists who are available to conduct the following customs operations:

  • prompt and competent customs clearance of goods
  • consultancy on foreign economic activity and customs regulations
  • insurance and financing of cargo delivery
  • consultancy on resolving legal issues with customs authorities
  • preparation of calculations for the optimal logistics itineraries, delivery and expediting of goods
  • a guarantee for the transit of goods
  • employment of the latest ICT achievements

 Our strive is for development and we are open to new projects.
You get a competent service provider and a reliable business partner by choosing us.